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LNER Flying Scotswoman IWD2020

An early frosty morning in Yorkshire at Colton Junction a place very popular with train spotters and photographers.

This particular morning the car park was empty except for a couple of pheasants. The air temperature was -1C. The sun had risen about 30 minutes prior to our arrival on what was going to be a very sunlit shoot with blue sky and nil wind.

With 50 minutes to spare, the kit was unloaded and prepared ready for the shoot.

Always and I mean always check the DJI systems are working and talking to each other. Spare batteries were warmed. Additional drones were fired up ready to deploy in case the primary drones failed to deploy or film correctly.

Video cameras also mounted on tripods to provide ground footage.

Professional drone operator’s always have duplicate systems, it’s no good filming at this level without two sets of kit.

Newcastle and North East Drone filming services.

Thanks to Simon at Skylark Aerial Photography